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Our mission is to provide total well- being through a service of high quality, according to the best practices in the provision of Healthcare. We strive to obtain the trust and commitment of our customers, employees and partners, creating value for shareholders.

We believe that only by offering security and an unwavering sense of commitment can we successfully carry out our mission , thus gaining the preference and loyalty of our customers, the continued strengthening of the alliance with our employees and partners.


Why We Do It

We are committed to ensuring that our customer is always first.​ We are committed to providing a personalized relationship, listening and responding to concerns and needs, always offering a humanized service based on high standards of ethical behavior , delicacy and respect for others.

The culture here at Eureka Medical is rooted in Teamwork, communication and quality. We believe in building a genuine spirit of belonging, translated for mutual cooperation and the participation of all.

We are passionate and drive for continuous improvement. We put passion, innovation and creativity in what we do. Which contributes to developing the best solutions, products and services to achieve the best results. Exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees and partners.

Our appreciation of people allow us to bet on the personal and professional development of our employees. In return capitalizing on all the knowledge created in an important source of information and differentiation of all.

We believe in optimal performance to continuously achieve the best indicators in order to fulfill our mission. Guaranteeing the present and sustaining our future development.

We respect the well-being and future of the community in which we operate- fostering an active spirit of social and environmental responsibility.

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Tel: +351961099955; +351215898575

Email: eurekamedical@icloud.com

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